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Questions? We've Got Answers!

Planning a bachelorette or event can be stressful (trust us, we know!)

Let us do all the planning so you can do all the partying! Check out a few of our frequently asked questions. 

1. How does this process work?

After submitting an inquiry, we will set-up a call with you and go over all the details of your trip. We will work with you to customize the bachelorette of your dreams! You will get to pick your theme, balloon colors, add on fun extras and so much more. Each of our packages are complete customizable for whatever your groups needs! Then day of your arrival, we will head to your Airbnb or hotel and set-up prior to your arrival so once you arrive you can get straight to the party!

2. DO you decorate hotel rooms?

ABSOLUTELY! We can customize any of our packages to fit your decor needs. 

3. Can you decorate before our check-in time?

Unfortunately, we cannot arrive until your confirmed check-in time. Upon booking, we recommend you book us for your check-in time. If you end up being able to check-in early please let us know as soon as possible. We do our best to accommodate early check-ins. The sooner we know, the more likely we can adjust your set-up time. 


During the week leading up to your event, you will send us the check-in instructions for your Airbnb/hotel and we will arrive right at check in. We'll need about 2 hours to set-up and then you can come in after! You don't need to be there when we arrive.

5. How does stock the fridge work?

We provide a link for you to place an online grocery order for all the items your group is needing. Once your order is ready, we will pick up your grocery order. Prior to your arrival we will bring all your groceries to your Airbnb/Hotel and set them up. Then your group arrives and is able to get straight to the party!

6. can we send you inspo pictures?

YES OF COURSE! We love seeing inspo so we can help make your vision come to life!

7. Do you offer clean up?

Yes, we do! All of our packages include clean up on the day of your departure.

8. Can we pick any theme?

Absolutely! All of our packages are completely customizable to any theme/color scheme your group is wanting!

Now that we've answered all your questions, ready to book?

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